Faith Or Politics? Why Are Some Black Clergy Organizing Against Obama

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By Miguel Lloyd

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Dr. Kevin Swann will address this subject and other political issues from a faith based perspective

This week on Life Full Circle Radio, we will talk about why members of the black clergy are aggressively campaigning to defeat President Obama.

We are just 2 weeks away from the 2012 Presidential election.  As the line was drawn in the sand half way through President Obama’s term, this election is all about “Us vs. Them.”

Obama is a “Democrat,” which means that his coalition of voters are, union members, “progressive minded” women, public sector workers, first and second generation immigrants, the homosexual community, people who live in major metropolitans, and African-Americans to name a few.

Romney as a “Republican,” touts a base that includes, largely white Anglo saxon, people from southern and more rural communities, business owners (small and large), and evangelicals among others things.

Well at this point, some of you are banging your hands on your desk and are getting all “white knuckled.” Of course I know that there aren’t any absolutes in life or in a lot of people’s politics. There are Black Republicans, Log Cabin Republicans and Evangelical Democrats. There just aren’t enough visible or vocal to be a voting block that either candidate gives a lot of “air.” Who you support in this upcoming election and in the elections in the future, will always be dictated by your personal perspective.

This brings us to this current situation with the groups coming out in opposition to the President. This ad below talks about President Barack Obama cutting funding to black colleges, yet he has increased funding to Pell Grants, which many black college students have enjoyed for many years. He has increased funding to community colleges. Also a great tool, that many African-Americans have used in advancing their education, and he is a huge advocate for better educating all of America, not just those who can afford private school or in zip codes that demand better attention to public schools.


Than there are the pastors. There is a new non-profit group known as God Said, that is purposely trying to sway 25% of the black electorate away from Obama. They say it is because of his position on gay marriage and abortion. At the same time, although many Evangelicals denounce Mormonism as a “cult”, mighty figure heads, like Billy Graham have coalesced and have supported Romney in the upcoming election.

Who is right here? Are the black pastors definitively drawing a line in the sand on the issue of “life” or is there a possibility with the Citizens United case, they have been “sold” to the highest bidder?

If white evangelicals have been so vocal in elections past, dating back 35-40 years, why are they largely so quiet during this cycle or coming out to support someone who despite their “agreement” on marriage and pro-life issues, clearly do not agree with Mormons on many other things? Regardless of race, for many evangelicals, this is coming down to the written Word vs. their social convictions. How will this election affect them, their personal pocket books and the income of their constituents.

This is clearly too deep an issue to handle alone. I will have Dr. Kevin Swann on this week to help us answer these questions from a theological position. You don’t want to miss it!

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